Our specialization: Your Health

Because your Health is your main treasure, we assist you withfinding the best treatment.

As a Medical Concierge company, we :

Listen to your needs and support you and your family at each step of the way in respectful and compassionate manner.

The Right specialist

We will assist you with finding the right specialist for each unique person and need.

Exclusive Access

We provide an exclusive access to the most recognized medical professionals and expedite consultations for our patients.

Personalized service

We provide you with a personalized service by organizing medical and wellness treatments suited for your needs.

Seamless procedure

Optimize schedule, make procedures seamless and take care of administration and follow-ups.

Health optimization

Advise for a global approach to health optimization in prevention and insurance plans.

Why Switzerland

Switzerland is possibly the best place for top quality medical treatments in terms of equipment and procedures, level of education for the physicians and medical staff but also hospitality.

Undoubtedly it offers the best attention to high-ranked patients’ expectations.

About us

You are in good hands

My name is Nathalie Zumsteg-Blanc.
Grown-up in the Leman Region from a Swiss father and French mother, I studied Hotel management to associate business learnings to attention for people and perfection.
In 2005, from Hotel des Bergues to Clinique Generale-Beaulieu, I felt in love with one essential fact: a client became a patient. Any attention you give takes a deep human meaning. From this point, I start building my profession to create optimized processes and best practices with always keeping in mind the best comfort of the patient and family.
Now, after nearly 14 years in the medical industry, I acquired the keys to the best specialists and network in medical but also for extended services such Education, Leisure, Financial, Real Estate, Shopping, etc.

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